We are all unique. We come in different heights, shapes and sizes. But one thing every woman can relate to is the quest to find that just-so shirt. Our T.M.Lewin women’s shirts come in three cuts – fitted, semi fitted and loose. Read on to discover how to select the perfect fit for your body.


The apple-shaped figure is voluptuous and generally well-proportioned. You'll carry most of your weight on your bust and mid-section, tapering down to narrower hips. A loose fit and blousy style will always flatter your figure. Alternatively, you might prefer to try our semi-fitted cut for a more tailored silhouette.

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Model wears loose fit single cuff black blouse.


The hourglass shape is defined by a classically curvy figure. You have a well-defined waist, and your bust and hip measurements are fairly even. If this is you, our fitted and semi-fitted shirt styles will accentuate your curves. And for a sumptuously snug fit, you can try our stretch shirts, made from soft cotton with a touch of Lycra.

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Model wears semi fitted floral vine print shirt.


If your waist is larger than your bust, your figure can be described as pear-shaped. You'll also have slimmer arms and shoulders and wider hips. In this case, a loose shirt will be most flattering for your body. You might also like to experiment with a pussy-bow blouse detailing, which can emphasise the bust and enhance your natural curves.

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Model wears fitted fine twill frill bow shirt.


The athletic body shape tends to be less curvy than others. Your shoulder and hip measurements will be roughly equal, with your weight distributed evenly through your torso. With their chic tailored effect, our semi-fitted and fitted shirts are a fine formal choice for athletic body shapes. On more casual occasions, you can also experiment with our loose cut for a relaxed, boyish fit.

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Model wears fitted stripe cutback shirt.

our signature shirt fits


This fit has a figure-hugging silhouette, cut close along the body and arms for a sleek look.


Cut slim through the body and sleeves, this style has a tapered shape.


Loose – This fit is cut straight and relaxed with individual detailing.