Men’s Flannel Shirts: The Ultimate Collection

The go-to shirt that will keep you on trend for every occasion

Put simply. The British weather is unreliable. That's why every man's wardrobe should contain several go-to items designed to fit any eventuality. And now, as we transition from Winter to Spring, we've got just the ticket. It's time to call in the flannel shirts because even a plain, understated black flannel shirt can have you playing a winning hand when you style it right.

At T.M. Lewin, we offer an extensive range of men’s flannel shirts. And as well as being suitable for every weather, these wardrobe workhorses are ideal for nearly every social occasion too. See, they're easily dressed up with formal shoes and trousers. Or simply dressed down with a casual chino. Here are just a few of the ways you can style our new in Flannel Shirts:

Collarless aka Grandad Collar Shirt

From casual outings to smart-casual dress code events, the Collarless Shirt fits the bill for virtually every occasion. And that's not all. The Collarless Shirt is also specifically engineered to effortlessly flatter the male frame. The collarless shirt is a truly perfect addition to any well-designed warm-weather wardrobe, especially now as we head into Spring.

Styling the Grandad Collar Shirt

Twin Pocket Button Down Shirt

Double the pockets, double the fun. Our Button Down Flannel Shirts can be worn on top of a plain white t-shirt with a pair of your most trusted chinos. The best feature of an outfit like this? Well, it doesn't require much brainpower to put together. At T.M. Lewin, our products are designed to be low on effort and big on style.

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