Our Shirts

Shirt Construction

Our shirts are made using the same traditional Jermyn Street shirtcraft that we used when we started making shirts back in 1898. Made from 33 separate components, using 47 processes and with obsessive attention to detail, our shirts are renowned for their quality.

Shirt Construction
  • 2-piece collar with 12 components for perfect shape
  • The best non-fused collar linings for optimum comfort
  • Stripes and checks fully matched across the front and back yoke
  • Lock-stitched buttons that won’t fall off
  • Long differential tail for added comfort
  • Sleeves cut on the straight grain to avoid twisting or skewed stripes
  • Choice of up to 4 sleeve lengths and a sleeve alteration service
  • Split yoke giving traditional styling and the perfect fit

Shirt Fit Diagram

Shirt Fit Diagram

Regular Fit

Our classic fit shirts are all made in our original Jermyn Street style of traditional shirtmaking. The have a generous cut on the body, and a long differential tail for added comfort. All our classic shirts are available in double cuff for cufflinks, and our Prince of Wales classic fit shirts are also available in button cuff.

You may view all our available "regular fit" shirts using the refine by filters in the shirt sections of the website.

Slim Fit

Our slim fit shirts were introduced a few years ago, and are now bestsellers. Two darts in the back create a slimmer, closer body fit, and a shorter tail makes them easier to tuck in. Our slim fit shirts come with double cuff and button cuff options, depending on the collar style.

You may view all our available "slim fit" shirts using the refine by filters in the shirt sections of the website.

Fully Fitted - John Francomb

This is our closest body fit – if you wear our slim fit ranges, these will also fit you well but a little bit closer. This fit is available in the Roma and Classics ranges.

You may view all our available "fully fitted" shirts using the refine by filters in the shirt sections of the website.


The Fitted Cutaway Shirt has a flattering open neckline and 2-button cuff. Based upon our bestselling fitted body shape, the shaped seams create a closer fit.

  • Shaped seams for fit
  • 2-button cuff
  • 100% cotton, machine washable at 40ºC
  • Lock-stitched buttons that won’t fall off
  • Sizes 6 – 20

Tailored Fitted

Slightly shorter so it can also be worn untucked, our Tailored Fitted shirt has 2 darts in the front and back for shaping, and a broader collar. Fly front detail conceals the buttons, and the double cuffs are made to be worn with cufflinks.

Ava Fitted 4-Button Cuff

Longer length fitted shirt with stylish button detail.

  • 4-Button Cuff
  • 2-Button stand collar with hidden button-down detail
  • 2 by 2 front button spacing for a perfect fit
  • 100% cotton, machine washable 40ºC
  • Sizes 6 – 20


A flattering summer shirt with Mandarin style collar and gathered cap sleeves. The under-bust panel and shaped seams create an elegant fit.

  • 100% cotton, machine washable at 40ºC
  • Cutaway neckline
  • Gathered cap sleeve
  • Underbust seam
  • Front and back darts
  • Small side vents
  • Sizes 6 – 20


A beautifully feminine short sleeve wrap shirt.

  • Darts at the front and back give it a close fitted shape
  • Long ties can be tied at the front, to the side or at the back, as you choose
  • Soft rounded collar and short sleeves with button cuff detail
  • The new improved fit ensures it covers your bust with no gaping
  • Buckingham collar


    A formal shirt with a classic pointed collar that sits between the Prince of Wales and the Duke of York collars.

  • Duke of York collar

    Duke of York

    The Duke of York collar shirt has been cut so the points of the collar sit closer together which gives the shirt a more modern feel. This collar suits a four-in-hand tie knot.

  • Windsor collar


    The Windsor collar has a wider spread than the Prince of Wales collar to accommodate a wider Windsor knot tie.

  • Prince of Wales collar

    Prince of Wales

    The Prince of Wales collar is a traditional, semi-cutaway collar and is our most popular selling collar shape.

  • Roma collar


    A pointed yet soft collar that works well both with or without a tie. It suits a narrower tie with a smaller knot.

  • St.James collar


    The St James collar is a full cutaway collar which gives a sharp look.

  • Milan collar


    The Milan collar is semi-spread collar with a deeper neckband and double button fastening making it a good option for evenings as well as for work.

Shirt Fabrics

We pride ourselves in using only the finest 2-fold cotton fabrics for all of our shirts. 2-fold cotton is silkier and looks sharper than ordinary single weave cotton, giving our shirts their crisp feel, fine texture and durability.

Cotton is a strong and durable fabric, which is not prone to stretching. This results in some creasing but the garment will not lose its shape. Cotton fibres are fine and flexible and therefore ideal for lightweight textiles. Staple length is the most important aspect of quality. Spinnable fibres must have a staple length of 16mm. Common staples range from 20mm-30mm. The longer the staple, the finer the yarn can be spun and the softer the handle of the resulting fabric. High quality types are known for their silky lustre and they have considerable strength given their fineness.

Luxury Twill

Twills are characterised by fine diagonal lines, a soft handle and subtle sheen. The same yarns are woven as in a Lewin 100 but 25% more yarn is used to create a strong, soft and beautiful fabric.

Lewin 100 2-fold Poplin

The classic Jermyn Street fabric: cool, crisp and light. Twisting together two single yarns creates 2-Fold Poplin and 100 refers tothe yarn count – the higher the number, the finer the cloth.

Luxury Herringbone

Herringbone is a twill weave construction made with a slightly thicker yarn giving a soft feel. The weave direction is alternated to give an attractive texture.

Lewin 100 End-on-End

Also known as Fil a Fil, an End on End has the same feel as a traditional Poplin. However, a white thread is woven with a colourto give a visual texture to the fabric which looks like a solidcolour at a distance.

Luxury Oxford

Two or three consecutive yarns are woven together to give a more complex texture. Soft to the touch, the finished result I a luxurious fabric of a more substantial weight.

Lewin 100 Pinpoint Oxford

Two warp yarns are woven together to give additional texture to thefabric. This results in a pinhead dot effect and makes the fabric slightly denser and warmer than traditional 2-Fold Poplin.